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Rankings for current members

Dive-Logs 5.0
Drive-Alive Holidays 5.0
Fine Wine Accessories 5.0 5.0
Genesis Surf Shop 5.0
nutricarestore 5.0
Mrs Frisbee's All Naturals 5.0
safebuy 5.0
theonlinemarketing. 5.0
CartridgeDeal 4.9
The Pilots Club 4.9
Fitsense Sports 4.9
UK Companies Limited 4.9
Utterly Personal 4.9
Dexter Rings 4.9
DIY Luxury Kitchens 4.9
Rapid Scales 4.9
CDS Media, a division of West Manufacturing Limited 4.9
BrightKidz 4.8
Tartan Trader Personalised Gifts 4.8
Inkjet Cartridges and Toner .com 4.8
Snazzy Specs 4.8
artofyarn 4.8
Ola Gorie Jewellery 4.8
Stitching Cards 4.8 4.8
Country Clothing Direct 4.8
Decorhom 4.8
DTS Digital CCTV 4.8
Vintage Tom 4.8 4.7
Lifestyle & Heritage Co 4.7
All Inkjets 4.7
Weather Spares 4.7
Triathlonstore 4.7
Cheap Locks 4.7
Watersports Warehouse 4.7
The Pen Zone 4.7
Argenteus Jewellery 4.7
Kenborne 4.7
Reversing Cameras UK Ltd 4.7
Sweet and Nostalgic 4.7
Tom's Place 4.6
Langford Woodcraft 4.6
Mowers Online - Lawnmowers, Garden Equipment 4.6
Select Solar 4.6
Belgianchocs 4.6
AS Technology Ltd 4.6
Little Women 4.6
Dry-it-Out Limited 4.6 4.6
Company Registrations Online Ltd 4.6
Express Tools 4.6
Sockets and 4.6 4.6
Be Garden Happy 4.6
Vision Enhancers Limited 4.5
CBT Solutions Ltd 4.5
Professional Audio Cables Ltd 4.5
Select Solar Gadgets 4.5
Oils4life Aromatherapy 4.5
Best Carpets 4.5
Shower Trays UK 4.5
Lighting Styles 4.5
Express Rugs 4.5
Weather Shop 4.5
Just at Pound 4.5
Watches Shop 4.5
Just Champagne 4.4
Special Gifts4u 4.3 4.2
Mendip Weather 3.9
Little Bo's Boutique 3.6 3.6
Let Me Learn 1.3


SafeBuy runs the largest accreditation system in the UK for web retailers. It has the only Code of Practice approved by the Office of Fair Trading. The new SafeBuy Star Rating system will enable consumers to see at a glance how the retailer is rated by other consumers. The summary results are also reported to the OFT. Your input counts.


Customer input goes to a private site managed by SafeBuy. No data is collected on who visitors are and no information relating to visitors is reported back to the retailer. No cookies are used.

The future

In future we hope you will be seeing more and more logos like this one which tells you how other consumers have rated the retailer. This one does not have a live link but retailers' logos lead to actual consumer data and comments.

Example consumer rating image