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Q. What are your overall comments on this online retailer and your buying experience?

"great product great service"
Apr 29 2018 4:02PM

"Found exactly what I was looking for and it arrived on time"
Apr 25 2018 9:10PM

"A good experience and I am pleased with product"
Apr 22 2018 1:56PM

"The delay caused by the extreme weather."
Mar 15 2018 5:25PM

"Professional, courteous and delivered exactly what they said they would deliver"
Mar 1 2018 10:27AM

"Immaculate ! Fiona was brilliant in correcting a mistake I had made."
Feb 28 2018 3:48PM

"easy to use site and a great selection of products"
Jan 21 2018 10:48PM

"The service was both helpful and efficient and I felt very 'comfortable' with the advice given It goes to prove that online retailers don't have to be impersonal!"
Jan 3 2018 2:15PM

"Incredibly helpful Customer Service. Late delivery down to Royal Mail not them."
Dec 27 2017 7:37PM

"Quick and efficient"
Dec 23 2017 5:44PM

"Excellent - great communication and customer service. Quality products."
Dec 16 2017 11:11PM

"Great speedy service. The item I ordered was better than expected. Beautiful."
Dec 13 2017 10:33PM

"The product was as expected. The only issue is that I couldn’t find when was the delivery expected date when purchasing it."
Dec 12 2017 4:13PM
Thanks for the review. Our delivery schedule is shown in a link at the bottom of the page. We quote 5-7 working days but we are usually much quicker than that, often it's next day delivery. We work with many different designers and makers though so sometimes it's not possible to be exact. You can contact us for a more accurate delivery estimate prior to ordering if you need more information.
Merchant's response

"Excellent service and delivery. I hadn't heard of it but my daughter said she would like something from Agenteous so that's why I ordered from them."
Dec 11 2017 8:02PM
Thanks for the review! So lovely to hear we were specifically requested by your daughter.
Merchant's response

"Efficient sales process, wide range of stock - excellent."
Sep 4 2017 3:11PM

"Excellent service"
Jun 30 2017 5:36AM

"Helpful and fast"
Jun 28 2017 11:47AM

Jun 16 2017 4:16PM

"I was surprised the item wasn't for immediate delivery. I only had to wait a week which wasn't a problem, but it could have been. I don't recall anything on the website regarding likely delivery dates."
Jun 5 2017 12:08PM
We do have a link at the bottom of the page giving delivery details which states that normal delivery is 5-7 working days, although we are usually much quicker than that, often with next day delivery. If orders are urgent you should contact us to let us know and we will do our best to meet your requirements. We're glad your order arrived in time though.
Merchant's response

"They are very helpful with any queries. Totally pleased with their service."
May 18 2017 6:24PM