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"Serious retailer. I had a problem with my order as I received two biscuit boxes smaller than ones I've ordered and I've been  totally refunded for that item, and I've had the two small as present."
Jan 20 2016 7:50PM

"very good, very fair and on time shipping. wonderful experience"
Jan 14 2016 3:37PM

Jan 11 2016 5:13PM

"very good product and very speedy service , I am returning customer."
Jan 5 2016 8:20AM

"Good all round"
Jan 5 2016 6:43AM

"I will be buying from them again...."
Jan 3 2016 7:34PM

"Fast delivery and excellent service"
Jan 3 2016 6:11PM

"Online retailers okay, very fast delivery, Description of the products very well, is worth a recommendation, will order the products again and again"
Jan 2 2016 9:44PM

"Very good will use them again"
Dec 31 2015 8:03PM

"everything as expected"
Dec 27 2015 7:30PM

"Retailer fine, but please note that the packaging needs to state it should be kept somewhere cool , out of direct sunlight, etc. The UPS collection point was a local convenience store and the man had put the package on the top of his fridges where it was hot. I am hoping the chocolates were not melted, but as they were gifts I may never know!"
Dec 21 2015 8:02PM

"Great, wonderful products, quick fast delivery"
Dec 20 2015 9:54PM

"No comments. Was very good"
Dec 19 2015 5:19AM

"Great................However I did have a bad experience with credit card use, I'm not blaming, don't how it happened. I'm in the USA, somehow my credit card # was stolen and charges were made to a European retailer to the tune of $832.00 I'm not responsible for charges thankfully. I don't know if it was a disgruntled employee, their system hacked or? But I believe it to be because of this transaction with Come next year, I WILL STILL buy my Christmas chocolate from Belgianchocs, no hard feelings, can't control bad people."
Dec 19 2015 3:11AM

"Very happy my orders are always on time and goods arrive in excellent condition."
Dec 16 2015 9:33AM

"This was my second purchase in past few months. I will buy from them again"
Dec 16 2015 4:00AM

"I am very satisfied and will probably order from them again."
Dec 16 2015 2:55AM

"It was fantastic.I will order again.Excellent"
Dec 15 2015 2:28AM

"Delivery and service was good but the chocolates I received are expiring soon which I am very disappointed about. It makes me wonder if you are a company that buys  cheap and sells products that are going to expire."
Dec 13 2015 11:53PM

"The product selection is fantastic. The is also the only site where I can buy Speculoos cookies! The Cote d'Or chocolates are the best! Paypal is an asset and shipping was quite fast."
Dec 13 2015 5:05PM