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"Did what it said. Gave us lots of really useful info to help is sort our driving trip in Europe"
Aug 8 2017 4:22PM

"I want to contact you about a possible booking but cant find any information- no phone number or email address, please can you contact me on 44 161 792 6560 or . thank you"
Feb 19 2014 11:15PM

"Great site, after days of searching for what i wanted came across Drive Alive and found everything i could possibly need for my holiday in 1 place and at great prices.  Not taking away from the site however question 3 is missing from the survey!"
May 31 2013 6:49PM

"Please forgive skewed data. I was looking for info on new driving regulations in France. I did some research on possible ferry prices, but didn't buy simply because I'm still researching. However, I wanted to submit positive data on the sensible layout and info structure of the site and thought your survey was intended for this too. Will return knowing you are a member of SafeBuy. Thanks!"
Apr 29 2012 2:07PM

"Great Site with all the info I needed in one place. The One Stop Shop for Travel ******"
Apr 24 2012 2:42PM

"Your website route planner has an error on it. If you look for 'Berry Pomeroy Castle' near totnes in Devon UK it should take you to post code TQ9 6LJ at present it takes you to TQ9 6NJ which has been wrong for over 5 years so I have been told. Please correct this error, there is no easy road connection between 6NJ and 6LJ where you should be!"
Sep 12 2011 10:57AM

"You are totally dishonest with your price advertising. You indicate 64 euros starting. When I went further you then priced it at 350 euros. That is deceptive advertising."
Sep 6 2011 10:30PM

"I am trying to get in touch with your company. I represent a group of hotels and self catering holiday hotels in France and would like to know if we can work together in the immediate future. I have not been able to find any telephone or email details on your website and I have had to use your survey tool for that purpose. I apologise in advance for any inconvenience this might have caused. You can reached me on or by phone on +33699090111 Kind regards Pierre-Alban Guy"
Jul 25 2011 2:46PM

"i do like to shopping with you."
Sep 23 2010 2:21PM

"Site is clear and consice"
May 25 2010 8:50AM

"I live in the USA. I was very happy when I could use the distance calculator. But now the driving distance no longer appears on my computer screen. It was the best service you could offer. Why has it been removed, or is it my computer? Best, Marilena Betancourt - Carefree Travel Inc. - Pittsburgh PA"
May 15 2010 3:46PM

"Your complaints page - consumer survey - only asks questions relavent to your agenda and not mine. Your website is too cluttered, I don't want a route plan or a hotel just wanted to book a ferry. Which was impossible - whatever permutation of date and time it would not accept and I had to try again - giving a list of other dates and times without explaining the purpose. Are these the only times available or what? Anyway a complete waste of time - I'm off the another site much more user friendly."
Mar 28 2010 3:34PM