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"Very efficient and provided good customer care."
Dec 14 2017 4:16PM

"Orders dealt with efficiently and promptly. Delivery always as stated."
Dec 12 2017 10:51PM

"web page easy to follow and use, very clear pictures with good product information. Service is very good and retailer provides good delivery information. Product packed well and delivery address clear and attached to all items."
Dec 12 2017 7:35PM

"very good have brought a few things from them and never had any problems."
Dec 12 2017 10:53AM

"Excellent service. I'm a repeat customer."
Dec 11 2017 10:02AM

"Free next day delivery counts for a lot these days"
Dec 11 2017 4:36AM

"This is my forth purchase so far and everything has been perfect."
Dec 8 2017 5:22PM

"Really happy to use this retailer, will use them all the time."
Dec 8 2017 12:34PM

"Excellent in every respect"
Dec 7 2017 8:45PM

"Great company great product"
Dec 7 2017 5:46PM

"Good experience no problems"
Dec 7 2017 3:35PM

"5 stars as always."
Dec 7 2017 11:47AM

"Good product, at a reasonable price, delivered on time."
Dec 6 2017 12:09PM

"Everything's good. Easy to order. Timely delivered. Recommended!"
Dec 5 2017 8:31PM

"very good same as always"
Dec 5 2017 7:12PM

"Use Dry it Out numerous times for Tozine and 1st class service every time, easy ordering, good price and excellent delivery."
Dec 4 2017 9:41PM

"it is my2nd one from this company ,i have have recormended to the man who delivered because he said when i told him it was for my grandson ,he was going to buy one , what did i think . my friend will soon perches the same because of damp ..that's your lot and thank you Mr Baker"
Dec 4 2017 9:35PM

"have been a customer for a few years, always reliable."
Dec 4 2017 10:39AM

"Very easy to order from and product as stated and does what it supposed to do"
Dec 1 2017 7:56PM

"spot on firm been pleased with all the heaters i have got"
Dec 1 2017 5:26PM