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100 / 100

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96 / 100

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"Excellent service and quality of product"
Aug 15 2017 6:56AM

"The guy I spoke to was very good polite and knowledgeable making conversation really easy"
Aug 14 2017 5:06PM

"Very good experience no problems at all"
Aug 14 2017 4:15PM

"Very friendly and efficient service."
Aug 8 2017 12:48PM

"Very smooth and efficient."
Aug 7 2017 12:42PM

"Very helpful seller and the rug is gorgeous"
Aug 4 2017 6:05PM

"Although the colour of the product was not quite as expected, the exchange system and alternative choice of product was handled personally and swiftly by the supplier."
Aug 3 2017 12:31PM

"Have used this company previously and v happy with them."
Jul 31 2017 9:18PM

"Excellent, straightforward, helpful. perfect!"
Jul 31 2017 3:30PM

"Easy to navigate the website and order. Product is of a high quality for a fair price. Not much else you could want!"
Jul 14 2017 11:42AM

"All round good company to buy from. Communication was good and I knew exactly when my rug was going to arrive."
Jul 10 2017 3:38PM

"Amazing customer service and next day delivery. Rug arrived 08.30 am after ordering over the telephone at 1.30pm the previous day!!!"
Jun 29 2017 11:25PM

"Excellent customer service, with a super friendly and helpful manner."
Jun 27 2017 7:44PM

"Very pleased with colour and quality of rug.  Price was cheaper than other suppliers for the exact same rug..  E mailed asking about cleaning, and received a phone call very quickly answering any questions I had."
Jun 27 2017 12:52PM

"I have purchased from Express Rugs previously and so went back to them. I have had excellent service from them and the products are also excellent. I wish there were more companies like this one in the U.K. - they really appear to have their act together!"
Jun 27 2017 10:46AM

"Rug as described. Photo was true to colour. Extremely fats delivered veyr"
May 31 2017 8:10PM

"Very happy with product and service."
May 31 2017 11:51AM

"Great choice. easy ordering and quick delivery"
May 25 2017 6:37AM

"Very good - happy with purchase!"
May 22 2017 4:29PM

"Excellent product - great quality and price. Thank you."
May 9 2017 6:14PM