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Q. What are your overall comments on this online retailer and your buying experience?

"I would like to see more description for each item, i.e. details of items"
Apr 28 2014 4:07PM

Mar 10 2014 2:02AM

Feb 4 2014 8:44PM

"dont like the no upfront postal charges depending on delivery time cannot say whether i would use again we will wait and see"
Feb 1 2014 1:39PM

"The phone was not connecting. is your international charges flat? what are your discounts like for your trade customers?"
Jan 25 2014 11:19AM

"All good, but did not say anything about delivery until the end, and annoying that site times out and deletes all items in basket (i didnt buy as much as then couldnt refind everything) But good site. good deals, just hope delivery on my items is as good :)"
Dec 8 2013 4:13PM

"The service was overall good. But, i think you should have some more thinkgs on here, like clothes, big brand hair dyes not cheap ones And also do some food on here"
Nov 6 2013 2:47PM

"It was very quick and easy defiantly use this website again"
Oct 12 2013 9:51PM

"love it"
Aug 2 2013 12:17PM

"I find it easy and makes a change to get something for a pound so glad I found you thank you"
Jul 22 2013 12:59PM

"Did not want to make a donation to your charity."
Jul 10 2013 7:59PM

"Quick and easy and cheap"
Mar 21 2013 11:20AM

"Quick and easy and cheap"
Mar 21 2013 11:20AM

"ok but one item was broken on arrival and two items didn't come at all but I wasn't charged for those two."
Nov 24 2012 8:14PM

Mar 10 2012 4:51PM

"It was very good .."
Mar 4 2012 5:04PM

"this survey pops up when you haven't eve received the stuff yet...some some silly questions there really"
Sep 8 2011 8:01PM

Feb 22 2011 9:43AM

"Very easy to find what I wanted & buy it - good value"
Jan 17 2011 7:13AM

"Items were substituted or packed wrongly. A three piece fishing hook set turned up as two piece; hand lotion was substituted with hand cleaning gel.Not what"
Dec 15 2010 3:30PM