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"Regularly excellent service"
Oct 20 2016 3:09PM

"Excellent service."
Oct 6 2016 5:49PM

"Fantastic service, as always!"
Jul 19 2016 4:26PM

"Reliable, on-time & good price."
Jul 17 2016 6:11AM

"We don't order much, usually just a printer cartridge every few months. But I really like ordering from Peter, because he makes it so easy and quick - he remembers what we had last time and makes it happen without my having to fill in forms on a website. He's the only supplier I order from in this way these days, and I enjoy the brief chat and the feeling that he's read my mind before I've told him what I want."
Jun 9 2016 12:01PM

"Excellent. 5 star seller"
Apr 10 2016 12:15PM

"Excellent service. Web site easy to use. I contacted company with a question about a product and was given a full explanation. The person I spoke to was knowledgeable and exteremely courteous."
Feb 6 2016 12:18PM

"I cannot fault it in any way!  What amazes me is that the retailer from whom I have previously purchased all my ink cartridges did not suggest that I contact you - he told me that he was unable to obtain these products any more."
Dec 8 2015 11:15PM

"Helpful and full of useful practical info. when requested. I am pleased to have found them, and will be using them in future."
Oct 27 2015 2:59PM

"Helpful and full of useful practical info. when requested. I am pleased to have found them, and will be using them in future."
Oct 27 2015 2:59PM

"Excellent service, order today receive tomorrow.I recomend this retailer."
Oct 7 2015 4:32PM

Aug 1 2015 8:42AM

"Very efficient, great communication, competitive pricing."
Jul 14 2015 9:26AM

"Having dealt with Kenborne for at least twenty(?) years I have found them to be totally reliable and customer oriented. I would totally recommend them to anyone."
Jun 17 2015 6:13PM

"This is the best online retailer I have come across. Nothing is too much bother to them and their delivery times are always accurate. I would highly recommend them to other customers."
May 15 2015 9:36AM

"Peter has always been helpful and speedy, and minimises the work we need to do.  I can fill in a form on the web page, but I often just ring up to say "same as last time plese" and he does all the work and delivers the next day."
Apr 28 2015 1:19PM

"I have  found Kenborne to be a very reliable supplier. Their website is easy to use & their product pricing transparent & very competitive. I have always been highly impressed with the service they provide & would highly recommend  them to anyone  purchasing printer inks online."
Mar 19 2015 1:14AM

"a very welcoming sales experience from the company and dont forget the delivery people who all deserve a big thank you"
Dec 31 2014 2:01PM

"Exceptional service, and the prices have actually gone DOWN over the last two years which is amazing in this day and age. Thank you."
Oct 10 2014 3:24PM

"Tried to send an e-mail to you regarding setting up an account but it could not be served on you according to the my server. I will try again later when I need more supplies. Have recommended your Jet Tec replacement Inks to most of my friends, I am very pleased with their quality and delivery times."
Oct 8 2014 10:52AM