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"Everything good EXCEPT for I paid for gift wrapping which was not supplied nor was there an explanation or apology!"
Jan 2 2018 5:21PM

"Dreadful. My order was placed on 16th December. I was informed that it had been despatched the following day. On 21st December I received an email stating that I may have received the wrong parcel and could I say when it could be collected. I replied, saying no delivery had been made and I asked for information about my order and I gave information about how to deliver my order which was intended to be a Christmas present. Two days later, having had no reply, I emailed again but still got no reply. After Christmas I telephoned and the person did not have any knowledge of the problem but he said he would send a new order to me, hopefully, the next day. The item did arrive then but there was no explanation and no apology. Very disappointing and annoying."
Jan 1 2018 3:26PM

"Very good and would use them again"
Dec 30 2017 10:16PM

"Quick service, no problems."
Dec 29 2017 11:01AM

Dec 28 2017 11:58AM

"On line they said they had stock of the item I wanted, then after I had ordered ad paid for it on line, they emailed me to say they had no stock and would probably not have any until after Christmas.   Not good enough, they must have known they did not have stock when they took my order."
Dec 27 2017 12:00PM

"Very bad. I have not recived my order but my money from PayPal collected! Emailed several times - no respond. Stay away from this fake firm!!!!"
Dec 27 2017 7:42AM

"I wish to return the product as its not quite what I expected. I have repeatedly filled in the returns form  to receive a return code/label from them; email, chat line and phone calls but get nothing. Hence this is a very poor and frustrating buying experience"
Dec 23 2017 1:41PM

"After waiting a week without notification of dispatch; I left a phone message only then was the Impeller for my Kestrel 4500 apparently dispatched add the Christmas postal delay I waited 2 weeks. I have recently received thermionic valves from the Ukraine a day quicker. Shame as the product seems good as is the price."
Dec 9 2017 7:34PM

"Easy, trouble free, quick dispatch, thanks."
Dec 8 2017 7:38PM

Dec 1 2017 2:17PM

"A positive purchasing experience"
Nov 30 2017 10:41AM

"very happy"
Nov 28 2017 9:31PM

"Purchased item was as described, good price and prompt delivery. Can recommend using Mendip Weather."
Nov 27 2017 9:49AM

"Good product, good retailer & quick dispatch."
Nov 24 2017 3:50PM

"I will buy from the Company again"
Nov 21 2017 11:20PM

"Purchasing from Mendip Weather is straightforward and delivery good."
Nov 21 2017 10:59AM

"They sent the wrong product, then after I returned it they sent me another person's order."
Nov 12 2017 8:23AM

"I ordered something from them about a year and a half ago, and they never fulfilled the order (although I don't believe the charged be either). This time, I ordered 2 items (can not find them from another supplier), and they have charged me, but I have heard nothing. This is the worst online retailer I have ever experienced. Literally."
Oct 28 2017 7:00PM

"Purchase and delivery went very smoothly and I have not complaints."
Oct 24 2017 7:31PM