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"Very happy with my purchase. Contacted Nitecore with a question and they responded very quickly. Highly recommend this dealer."
Jun 22 2017 3:15PM

"A very good retailer, recommended !"
Jun 15 2017 8:37PM

"Everything went smoothly and fast delivery will definitely shop here again"
Jun 9 2017 4:04PM

"Excellent, I was very pleasantly surprised by the early delivery"
Jun 6 2017 5:04PM

May 30 2017 4:53PM

"Great products no issues. I bought direct from the distribution centre, the sales people were very helpful."
May 22 2017 12:54PM

"I'm enjoying the high quality products I ordered and the transaction was quick and simple."
May 22 2017 10:45AM

"Good fast, not cheap."
May 15 2017 2:55PM

"Specialist quality field  lighting products"
May 11 2017 12:16PM

"Could do with some more information tailored for people like myself, who require a high capability torch but known thing about the lingo being used."
May 4 2017 11:32AM

May 1 2017 5:17PM

"really outstanding service - will use them again"
Apr 28 2017 11:14PM

Apr 4 2017 2:28PM

"Small problems with the payment methods (an error on the page) but managed to use an alternative one. Very fast response, incredibly fast delivery."
Mar 31 2017 3:15PM

Mar 22 2017 8:37PM

"Great product and great service"
Mar 21 2017 4:32PM

"Very good"
Mar 20 2017 7:56PM

"Great products and a very professional company - will happily use again!"
Mar 20 2017 3:00PM

"As good as it gets"
Mar 17 2017 3:23PM

"very straight forward and prompt delivery"
Mar 15 2017 12:52PM