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Q. What are your overall comments on this online retailer and your buying experience?

"great oils, great sercvice"
Dec 13 2017 5:19PM

"I often use this retailer and have always been really happy with their products and their service"
Dec 13 2017 3:03PM

"I am new to the world of essential oils, so my knowledge is limited. That said, I had a good experience with Oils4life. Dispatch took a bit longer than expected, but delivery was quick and in good order once sent. The oils were well packaged and they seem to be doing the trick."
Dec 13 2017 11:43AM

"I am a regular purchaser and am consistently pleased with my overall buying experience. Any queries i have are always followed up promptly too."
Dec 13 2017 8:44AM

"Highly trustworthy"
Dec 13 2017 7:31AM

"very good"
Dec 13 2017 12:46AM

Dec 12 2017 2:39PM

"At the oil arrived in good time with no problems"
Dec 8 2017 4:33PM

"Great oils and creams, I would recommend this online company to anyone"
Dec 7 2017 10:37PM

"The website is very clear, organised, and has relevant information such as the origin, characteristics, effects, and precaution notes (when necessary) on each of the products. The variety of products is quite broad.   The packaging is very cushioned and neat. The delivery convenient and totally reliable."
Dec 7 2017 10:11AM

"Have purchased from them multiple times - consistent product quality and service. Would happily recommend."
Dec 5 2017 5:50PM

"Great value!"
Nov 30 2017 8:15PM

"Very pleased with the quality of the oils and service."
Nov 28 2017 3:46PM

"Use this supplier and recommend them for the quality of oil, price and delivery"
Nov 27 2017 9:00PM

"Good quality oils, good prices and fast delivery."
Nov 26 2017 2:34PM

"Two oil bottles were not properly closed so some of the oil leaked out - needed to clean that :("
Nov 23 2017 11:27AM

"quick and easy transaction"
Nov 21 2017 9:58PM

"Good products but customer service could be better, first contact to find out where my goods were as they didn't arrive on time and the lady was a little rude answering my questions"
Nov 21 2017 8:58PM

"I cannot comment on the Oils at present as they are a gift to go with a diffuser for my daughter at Christmas...  I have used other companies in the past for myself and look forward to seeing what these products are like... So for the moment I am very pleased with the look of the product, the packaging was perfect and delivered very quickly so overall pleased... If I like the Oils I will definitely use this company again and thank you very much for asking..."
Nov 20 2017 4:54PM

"I like this company, i like your product"
Nov 14 2017 9:48AM