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"Excellent supplier. Very highly recommended for price, quality and service!!"
Aug 20 2017 2:15PM

"Excellent product, good quality construction and delivered on time without any fuss. I'm sure I will return to purchase more cables, I can't seem to live without them :) Thanks, B Canty"
Aug 15 2017 8:22PM

"I've used Professional Audio Cables Ltd a few times, and I've not had any problems until the last time. One of the cable sent was wrong. Not a huge deal but after contacting them, I still haven't had a reply after about 2 weeks... Products are good, customer service isn't as great."
Aug 14 2017 3:12PM

"Fast service, quality gear."
Aug 7 2017 4:00PM

"Brilliant service. Highly professional product. Could not be happier."
Jul 27 2017 8:42AM

"Huge variety of products. Great quality. Fair prices. It worths"
Jul 11 2017 9:34AM

"Superb quality and delivered ahead of schedule. Excellent"
Jul 2 2017 5:14AM

"quality kit and service......not cheap but you get what you pay for"
Jun 29 2017 5:22PM

"Perfect, helpful, well packaged"
Jun 19 2017 10:07AM

"Fantastic company to deal with. Extremely helpful."
Jun 6 2017 8:03PM

"Great internet service"
Jun 1 2017 9:05PM

"Excellent service and a quality product cannot be faulted"
Jun 1 2017 6:54PM

"This transaction was fine but a potential subsequent order has been ignored"
May 18 2017 2:04PM

"Very happy. Great product, well made. Will use again."
May 16 2017 5:10PM

"Efficient, prompt delivery"
Apr 29 2017 9:56AM

"An excellent product, custom made and delivered very quickly"
Apr 25 2017 7:17PM

"They paid attention to my every need and want, produced a superb cable to my specs and above and delivered it quicker than I thought they would."
Apr 25 2017 5:21PM

"Slick, no problems."
Apr 14 2017 2:52PM

"excellent service and high quality cable. I am very pleased by the quality of the cables and the fittings. I have had Audio cables bought from other sellers but these are very much high quality with professional feel. I have DJ equipment and wanted a professional cable for high quality sound. these are not that expensive either. The service by the seller was fast and product arrived in first class package and reached in good time. Will highly recommend this seller."
Apr 10 2017 6:20PM

Apr 9 2017 7:28AM