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"Excellent quality at a fair price"
Nov 27 2017 9:12PM

"Great job. Order fulfilled quickly. Quality product"
Nov 14 2017 7:17PM

"Superb products. Very high quality cable. Arrived as expected. Highly recommend Professional Audio Cables Ltd"
Nov 3 2017 4:42PM

"Top workmanship , quality and performance. Very happy with my purchases."
Nov 2 2017 10:18PM

"Very good. Emailed the company looking for a special cable, very helpful, good service. Product exactly as described, suits my needs excellent."
Oct 27 2017 5:12PM

"I would like to be reunded the cables are not working properly I had to get them fixed in town,"
Oct 18 2017 10:46PM

"Good experience and communication"
Sep 12 2017 6:51PM

"Coming from overseas I thought it would take for ever, but items were packed with thought and attention and the package arrived quicker then expected."
Sep 5 2017 2:41PM

"Excellent supplier. Very highly recommended for price, quality and service!!"
Aug 20 2017 2:15PM

"Excellent product, good quality construction and delivered on time without any fuss. I'm sure I will return to purchase more cables, I can't seem to live without them :) Thanks, B Canty"
Aug 15 2017 8:22PM

"I've used Professional Audio Cables Ltd a few times, and I've not had any problems until the last time. One of the cable sent was wrong. Not a huge deal but after contacting them, I still haven't had a reply after about 2 weeks... Products are good, customer service isn't as great."
Aug 14 2017 3:12PM

"Fast service, quality gear."
Aug 7 2017 4:00PM

"Brilliant service. Highly professional product. Could not be happier."
Jul 27 2017 8:42AM

"Huge variety of products. Great quality. Fair prices. It worths"
Jul 11 2017 9:34AM

"Superb quality and delivered ahead of schedule. Excellent"
Jul 2 2017 5:14AM

"quality kit and service......not cheap but you get what you pay for"
Jun 29 2017 5:22PM

"Perfect, helpful, well packaged"
Jun 19 2017 10:07AM

"Fantastic company to deal with. Extremely helpful."
Jun 6 2017 8:03PM

"Great internet service"
Jun 1 2017 9:05PM

"Excellent service and a quality product cannot be faulted"
Jun 1 2017 6:54PM