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"A great online retailer to deal with. Keep up the fantastic work!"
Jun 24 2017 1:09AM

"Always had good experiences"
Jun 23 2017 12:53AM

"absolutey quick, safe and reliable !"
Jun 21 2017 9:38PM

Jun 18 2017 2:28PM

"I have received beautiful patterns, efficiency by the retailer  and have recommended this site ."
Jun 14 2017 9:06PM

"I have bought patterns from Stiching cards for some time now and have been really happy with them. They arrive as downloads immediately and I have never had any problems with them."
Jun 14 2017 7:30AM

Jun 10 2017 9:19AM

"Being in Australia it is wonderful to have access to this type of service"
Jun 5 2017 1:45AM

"Easy to use and good selection of patterns"
Jun 1 2017 10:10PM

"Easy to use and good selection of patterns"
Jun 1 2017 10:01PM

"easy site to use and navigate with lots of choice"
May 29 2017 11:35PM

"I had no problem used this site many times"
May 29 2017 3:50PM

"no problem, fuss free, easy to use"
May 28 2017 4:10PM

"Quick and pleasant buying from the comfort of my home"
May 25 2017 9:02PM

"Been buying from them for years and have always been happy."
May 24 2017 3:04PM

"Purchased patterns are always available very quickly."
May 23 2017 9:07PM

"I love their patterns and the fact they include a color picture in the pattern itself. Purchasing is easy and their patterns are a reasonable price."
May 23 2017 2:08PM

"absolutely wonderful"
May 22 2017 6:14PM

"I think this is a wonderful website  Would recommend it to everyone"
May 22 2017 6:02PM

"I have been buying from here for a long time and they are great!"
May 21 2017 4:31PM