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"I am a repeat customer and will continue to be. I like their product and business ethos."
Aug 22 2017 8:52AM

"Verry good, easy to find what you are looking for."
Aug 19 2017 11:39AM

"I like being able to download the patterns I have purchased as soon as payment has been made, no waiting at all, wonderful"
Aug 19 2017 10:33AM

"Such a good idea, being able to download patterns you have purchased as soon as payment has gone through."
Aug 19 2017 10:25AM

"Really great service, nice stitching patterns."
Aug 18 2017 2:16PM

"All went well."
Aug 17 2017 5:19PM

"delighted marvelous company everybody should use this company, thank you for all your lovely patterns and the easy instructions."
Aug 17 2017 2:28PM

"very good and easy the procedure for to buy"
Jul 30 2017 2:59PM

"Very good"
Jul 27 2017 6:14PM

"I love the site and will buy from them again."
Jul 24 2017 2:04AM

"Great choice of patterns at a good price.  Patterns were available to download immediately and very easy to print"
Jul 23 2017 8:38AM

Jul 22 2017 10:47AM

"Stitching Cards downloads are excellent quality fabulous designs, with easy to follow instructions and available straight away."
Jul 21 2017 11:35PM

"very happy with the quality of the patterns and their prompt delivery by way of download"
Jul 18 2017 7:10AM

"I am very satisfied. I enjoy making the cards for my friends and family."
Jul 16 2017 11:21PM

"Its been a while since I started with Christmas card stitching and I am very happy to see all the new patterns and looking forward to beginning some Thank you cards and the musical notes cards, as I sing in a ladies choir. Its good to be doing this skill again. Many thanks, Sue"
Jul 9 2017 4:17PM

"Very good experiences and lots of selection"
Jul 9 2017 2:36PM

"Beautiful Designs. Directions easy to follow. Enjoy stitching the designs. Thank you."
Jul 6 2017 3:03PM

"very good experience"
Jul 3 2017 12:11PM

"it is so nice to be able to see patterns you like and be able to get them almost imediatly"
Jun 28 2017 6:04PM