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Jun 9 2017 1:39PM

"Easy to sign up . The regular emails are very useful."
Nov 14 2016 10:37PM

"Excellent value for money, signed up for a reduced rate trial with the intention of getting SATS papers and cancelling before end of trial but will definitely be staying on and paying the subscription which is also very good value for what you receive."
Feb 3 2016 8:27PM

"Found it to be just what we were looking for it terms of online homework/school support. Well set up. Lots of printing though - PAPER!!!"
Jan 21 2016 3:45PM

"Disappointed with the quality of the worksheets they provide."
Dec 18 2015 11:38AM

Nov 18 2015 7:32PM

"I found the worksheets colourful but would rather the answers weren't on the bottom of each page, upside down.  An answer sheet would be better."
Jul 28 2015 3:31PM

"Great interactive emails to tailor usage and useful reference material,"
May 5 2015 12:33PM

"I was charged nearly £40 but did not get my weekly resources I'm very disappointed"
Apr 1 2015 3:15PM

"I have recently become a member and have printed off maths and english booster workbooks for my girls and they love doing them, they are interesting and keep the girls focussed, i also love the fact i have access to past SATs apers as my younger one will be sitting them this year - So far i am impressed"
Mar 17 2015 12:35PM

"I only signed up for the 2 week trial but found the content of the site very informative both in terms of content and resources."
Mar 3 2015 3:52PM

"I have been a member of the School Run for a number of years and recommend them to all my student's parents. It is absolutely superb. The only thing I would like to see differently is that the subjects are broken down into different elements. I..e. for maths, data handling, fractions etc and for English, comprehension, punctuation etc. Overall I would be lost without School Run"
Dec 19 2014 9:59AM
Hi there. I just spotted your feedback on TheSchoolRun on SafeBuy. Thank you so much. You mentioned however that you wanted to see subjects broken down into different elements. We do have this. If you hover over the top navigation bar it will drop down and you'll see all the sub-categories for each area (ie under maths you'll see addition, subtraction, division etc.) Each of these sub-categories has its own category page where you can easily navigate to all the relevant articles, worksheets (which you can further filter by School Year), games etc. If you need any further help finding resources, please do email enquiries@theschoolrun.com
Merchant's response

"materials are WAY too easy and no good for my son. VERY VERY annoyed re the auto payment for the 6 month sub when I was not looking and was away from my mail for a few days since I did NOT want to proceed with the membership (have already sent mail for refund and cancellation). Unpleasant buying experience (dishonest and sneaky). Will not continue or recommend."
Dec 13 2014 11:11AM
Thanks for your feedback and I just wanted to address the issues you raise. If the worksheets for your child's year are too easy, you can of course try him with worksheets from the year above. Your subscription gives you access to all the resources for every year of primary school, so you can help a child who needs to review a topic they've already learned by going back to the previous year's resources, or you can help a child who is ready to be challenged by exploring the resources for the year above. Secondly, we do make it very clear that your subscription continues automatically after your trial if you don't cancel. We don't hide this in the terms and conditions, it's written clearly on the page where you sign up, there are reminders in subsequent emails you receive during your trial, and the date your full subscription starts is written clearly on the email you receive when your payment is made. We try really hard to ensure that subscribers are really clear about the terms they are signing up for, but we will of course continue to review this area as we want all subscribers to feel confident in the service. Also, I'm sure that if you emailed us just after the subscription payment was taken to say you hadn't intended for your subscription to continue, we would have immediately cancelled your account and refunded the amount. If this hasn't happened yet, please do contact enquiries@theschoolrun.com.
Merchant's response

"Will not be using your site/resources again."
Nov 18 2014 8:56PM

"Good value for money. I would certainly recommend web site."
Nov 17 2014 3:17PM

"An excellent site.."
Oct 1 2014 12:15PM

"Great... very happy with the process and with the site."
Aug 11 2014 4:44PM