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Feb 14 2018 3:56PM

"As expected"
Feb 12 2018 10:36AM

"Easy to use website and great product BUT no tel number from abroad and no reply to email. Was trying to buy other items but unable to do so."
Feb 11 2018 11:15AM

"My asphérick lens still didn't come, I bought it on january 1 2018. I wait your return please. Thank you. Marina Tavares da Silva"
Feb 9 2018 11:22PM

"I ordered 2 items but only 1 was delivered. The problem was dealt with very quickly."
Feb 8 2018 10:37AM

"Would buy from again with confidence"
Feb 3 2018 9:54AM

"Original order faulty but was replaced without problem within 48 hours. Sales support staff helpful and obliging."
Feb 1 2018 4:23PM

"Great website and item securely packaged a delivered promptly. Thank you"
Jan 30 2018 5:21PM

"Excellent. Ordered over the phone from a very pleasant Lady who promised them as fast as possible. Received them in the north of Scotland eighteen hours later by Royal Mail first class post."
Jan 29 2018 12:29PM

"Excellent range of products with a very helpful decision tree for making a choice."
Jan 29 2018 12:10PM

"They did not send a confirmatory e-mail, so the arrival of the goods was a bit of a surprise. They did not reply to my query entered onto their web query page."
Jan 22 2018 8:47PM

"No problem"
Jan 21 2018 7:50PM

"Very good"
Jan 21 2018 9:55AM

"Good product delivered very quickly"
Jan 19 2018 9:14PM

"took a little bit of time before receiving but satisfied with product and will be buying another lens of higher magnification from visonenhancers"
Jan 18 2018 8:21PM

"The product I ordered was for my mum in South Africa. Postage is unreliable to this part of the world, especially for expensive items and I planned to hand carry. I gave more than the usual time for standard delivery and yet the package still did not arrive on time. I don't remember receiving a warning about delivery time when I ordered it. I'm disappointed that my purchase took so long to be delivered."
Jan 2 2018 5:15PM

"On my  website account my order was listed as a "backorder" but I would not have known this without checking myself as no communication was sent to me informing me of this.  After a little while I rang to see what the time frame was going to be for delivery.  I was told that the order had gone out the previous day although it was not showing as such online.  This was then changed to a completed order.  It did take longer than expected after that probably due to the Christmas post.  The filters are haphazard giving different results for the same perameters so you need to search thoroughly.  Now for the positives.  The magnifier arrived safely before Christmas. When telephoned the staff were friendly and helpful.  When compared to other retailers the price was good, (although £20 dearer than the exact same magnifier bought from them two years previously).  Overall I am very pleased with my purchase and would buy from Vision Enhancers again."
Dec 29 2017 10:40AM

"Useful magnifier - bought for my mum who has advanced glaucoma and struggles to read. The light is very helpful - the buttons have to be continually touched to keep the light on which is a little more awkward for elderly person, than an on/off button but still only needs a very gentle touch. Useful to help keep the line one is reading and generally better than a circular magnifier at this level of magnification. A lifeline for those who have visual impairment"
Dec 25 2017 5:11PM

"I have not received my goods."
Dec 21 2017 3:06PM

"very good"
Dec 15 2017 10:51AM