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"The initial despatch of my item went missing in the post, however, the very helpful customer service agent arranged for a replacement to be dispatched same day and I recieved it the next morning."
Oct 20 2017 4:07PM

"Excellent, professional company, with the customer always in mind."
Oct 16 2017 3:18PM

"Very good, very happy with the product bought, quite surprised with the quality of product Oregon, and price was good, £40 and most of all it works as it should , as previously was let done twice buying from eBay, at half the price, with similar weather station but not same make, I payed more for a better item, with this shop , but buy god you get what you pay for, so learns the hard way, I want a shop to buy from, and ordering to paying was straight forward,  great job weather shop, and my son loves the informative weather station, always checking the temps,??????"
Oct 15 2017 10:49AM

"Very Happy with product and service"
Oct 14 2017 9:35AM

"Phone call gave me plenty of information on the Davis weather system that I was after"
Oct 13 2017 10:23AM

Oct 12 2017 3:40PM

"I found the Weathershop most helpful as I was researching then putting together my order for a new weather station"
Oct 11 2017 11:59AM

"A straightforward, speedy and satisfactory transaction."
Oct 10 2017 8:08AM

"A very helpful company."
Oct 6 2017 3:48PM

"Varied weather stations and ancillary equipment at reasonable prices"
Oct 5 2017 3:15PM

"Good especially with the "chat" facility"
Oct 5 2017 8:39AM

"Excellent, and very helpful, thank you."
Oct 3 2017 8:40AM

"An excellent product, delivered as stated with explicit documentation. The Mac software was easy to install and really complemented the Vantage Vue - Well done Davis !!"
Oct 2 2017 6:15PM

"A very good help line that sorted out my querys."
Sep 29 2017 3:26PM

"Very slick operation. They knew the product well"
Sep 29 2017 2:50PM

"Every time I have used Weathershop I have had very prompt delivery and am therefore very pleased with their service."
Sep 29 2017 8:58AM

"Excellent service"
Sep 28 2017 6:33PM

"Very helpful on phone, prompt delivery"
Sep 27 2017 7:46PM

"It went very smoothly. It saved the time and effort of visiting the shop 30 miles away from me. My questions regarding the weather station were answered promptly and accurately."
Sep 22 2017 4:29PM

"Brilliant service, with helpful staff. Thank you."
Sep 21 2017 4:12PM