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"The weather Station I purchased is for a gift so it hasn't been opened and set up by the lucky recipient so I cannot fully comment on product itself but the Weather shop were efficient with my order and I was very happy with the delivery and the very nice obliging delivery man"
Dec 14 2017 6:27PM

"Easy to buy, use etc. Quick to arrive. Would recommend this."
Dec 14 2017 5:04PM

"Very good"
Dec 14 2017 1:18PM

"Very professional and helpful retailer. No problem experience when buying."
Dec 13 2017 8:16PM

"service excellent,but the instructions for our Oregon temperature censor seemed indequate and we have been unable to get it to function so that we are not able to see the temperature in the greenhouse, as we had intended"
Dec 13 2017 7:07PM

"Easy and simple. Good and prompt service."
Dec 13 2017 4:52PM

"Easy and simple. Good and prompt service."
Dec 13 2017 4:52PM

"Very easy and the package arrived a couple of days before expected!"
Dec 13 2017 11:30AM

"Good advice from knowledgeable staff, competitive prices."
Dec 13 2017 11:23AM

"Have bought several items from this company and always been very happy with their service. After sales service is also excellent."
Dec 12 2017 10:53PM

"Excellent. Very pleased with both the service and the product!"
Dec 12 2017 5:18PM

"Excellent service"
Dec 12 2017 4:06PM

"Very good"
Dec 11 2017 7:07PM

"I complemented the company on their professionalism and their response time to supply the requested items of equipment. Their turnround time was FIRST CLASS delivering in a respnse that I hadn't anticipated '*****'"
Dec 10 2017 2:35PM

"Ok. But the item had a display fault. The seller's were happy to exchange though."
Dec 9 2017 12:25PM

"It was a good experience. The product hasn't been opened or used yet as it is a gift but purchasing was very straightforward and it arrived promptly and in perfect condition"
Dec 9 2017 10:19AM

"Very helpful with great backup."
Dec 8 2017 8:59PM

"Straight forward purchase. Product delivered as described and within a timely fashion."
Dec 8 2017 4:10PM

"The retailer was very helpful and was happy to deal with a couple queries I had. If I was looking for another similar product or someone asked me where to get similar products I would recommend this retailer."
Dec 8 2017 11:48AM

"Faultless process - shopping online done to perfection."
Dec 7 2017 4:39PM