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100 / 100

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137 carried forward from TrustPilot in April 2015.

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"So far so good! Will definitely use them again."
Jun 1 2018 11:53AM

"I very good retailer. On a previous purchase they was a mix up and what I actually required. Therefore they let me keep what they had already sent me, which will have future use and sent me what was required straight away."
May 19 2018 9:20PM

"Simple, honest, fast and reasonably priced!"
May 13 2018 1:43PM

"Quick easy purchase as usual"
Apr 29 2018 10:40PM

"In particular, very happy with the speed and quality of response to my tech support questions. Product fitted perfectly and seems to work OK (I've only printed one page so far, but, so far, so good!)"
Apr 29 2018 8:40AM

"I've used them for quite a number of years and found them to be faultless. If only other suppliers (especially the larger ones) were as prompt, competent and customer focussed as AST."
Apr 16 2018 11:23AM

"super ..... it is great to be able to speak to an actual person ..... a very helpful one, at that!!"
Mar 19 2018 12:51PM

"First time I have ever ordered a non-OEM toner cartridge and so far so good. Pages come out as expected and only 30% of the cost of an original HP unit. Can;t wait for the others to run out so I can replace them too!"
Mar 18 2018 7:18PM

"Very easy good product and very attentive customer service"
Mar 12 2018 4:43PM

"Just as good as my company"
Jan 23 2018 9:25AM

"Their cartridges work perfectly in my OKI printer and the toner prints identically to the original toner, and only take 24 hours to arrive"
Jan 18 2018 9:30AM

"prices are very reasonable, products are high quality, there is a wide range of products and the delivery is always within the time scale offered"
Jan 15 2018 3:43PM

"Very good"
Dec 16 2017 10:17AM

"I've had a particular kind of printer for over 10 years and it's still going strong, so I'm reluctant to part with it. AS Technology has always been able to provide the essential toner for it with absolutely no problems whatsoever. They are a highly competent outfit who can always be recommended. I don't look anywhere else for my printing needs."
Dec 9 2017 7:47AM

"Did everything from performance of the product to delivery with professionalism that sets the bar very high. I will be using them for all  of my printing consumables in the future"
Nov 26 2017 2:37PM

"Good company to deal with"
Oct 31 2017 9:44AM

"Very easy and quick to find using the website. delivery was a couple of days before the estimated time. Price was fabulous as our printer is a little out of date."
Sep 1 2017 11:16AM

"Competitive pricing, great products, & very helpful, efficient support – can’t ask for more."
Aug 29 2017 1:27PM

Aug 17 2017 1:53PM

Jun 26 2017 9:22AM